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Difference between being a goat or a sheep


sheepI guess I better say that it is important for us to know that being a sheep is better than being a goat and that our desire should be to be a sheep.

Now, you know I am talking about the judgement day where those who are goats will not make it into heaven, and those who are sheep will.

If I wasn’t, then I would have to say I prefer goat far more than sheep, especially on an open spit at my brother-in-law’s house in the summer.

So what does it take to be considered a sheep?

Sheep and goats are both followers of Jesus – sheep care for other followers, goats do not.

When we say care we mean when you see another follower of Jesus hungry you make sure that you give them something to eat.  When see one in the Church who is thirsty, you give them a drink.  When one of us travels and finds need for friends, you are that friend even though I am a stranger.  When I lacked proper clothing to wear, you made sure you provided some.  When I became sick, you took care not only of my physical issues but all the things related to it.  When I found myself in prison, you still came and made sure I had a visitor.

You see, doing uncomfortable things for our Church family is the most important task that God has given us.

The goats do not see where the victory lays.   They say if you are hungry, get a job.  If you are thirsty, why didn’t you save some money instead of buying that new coat.  If you are a stranger, you know that we need to care for our own children and family – for all we know you could be a child molester.  If you lack clothing, well go down to the Salvation Army or Goodwill and get some.  When you are sick, well where is your faith – put your faith in God and stop sinning!  If you are in prison, why would I associate myself with a person of ill repute?

You see, one is a lover and one judges.  The lover shows and reveals the love of God and everyone will know they are followers of Jesus because of their love.  People who judge have no room for love.  They declare as loud as possible that they are followers of Jesus, but everyone who is watching knows better – worse still, others might say, if that is what a follower of Jesus looks like, then I want no part of Jesus.

So if sheep end up in heaven and goats in hell, better make sure you are a sheep – walk with God, He will give you these kinds of tasks to do for others as you look for ways to love the body of Christ.



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