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The song of Moses

Rain_on_grass2-300x225When you know you are going to be part of a choir that will be singing this song one day, its best that you begin to practice and know the words.

But practicing is like acting it out and knowing the words are just symbolic of a mental exercise.

Real choirs “know” the intent of the song, its power, its emotion, its purpose for being written. A choir of such maturity understands that it is their job to convey the power of the message through music and words, a power that they have identified somewhere in their own life.

This is another wonderful reminder that if we want to be part of a heavenly choir, singing this song, lets walk with Jesus and experience these great and wonderful deeds we will be singing about.

“Great and wonderful are thy deeds,
O Lord God the Almighty!
Just and true are thy ways,
O King of the ages!
Who shall not fear and glorify thy name, O Lord?
For thou alone art holy.
All nations shall come and worship thee,
for thy judgments have been revealed.”

The Song Of Moses with Lyrics by Paul Wilbur השיר של משה




Three loud voices



I am still fascinated by the simple things – one of my favourite Christmas movies to watch each year is the original, black and white, Scrooge with the visits of the three spirits.

Today, thinking about how to walk with God, I read of three angels who gave instructions on how to do that, even as the time grows short before Christ‘s return.

The first angel was concerned and tasked with proclaiming the eternal gospel to those who live on earth, to every nation and tribe and tongue and people.  Many feel that there is little left to do and many have given up on this call. May we look for God to give us opportunities to tell.  The basics – fear God, give Him glory, understand that the hour of judgement is coming and make time to worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and the fountains of water.

The second angel called out all those who took the road of drink, lust and passions of the flesh – they are fallen and destroyed because compared to the holiness of those who walk with God, they are impure.

Lastly, the declaration to those who worshiped any other god other than the one and only God.  So much in love with their god that they were marked by it.  They would experience the wrath of God, His anger and they will experience torment by fire and sulphur and they have no rest day or night.

Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.  Walking with Jesus is accepting the call.


The call for endurance and faith

call for endurance and faithI have been surrounded by the thoughts of martyrs since I was 16 years old.  Engaged with Brother Andrew and Corrie Ten Boom‘s renditions of his exploits.  Signed up to join Far East Broadcasting Company before it was safe to preach the gospel in China.  My heart goes out to the persecuted Church.

I will be a part of that church someday, even though I live in Canada.  Actually, I can probably say I have entered into the realm, but not personally.  The writing is on the wall so to speak.

With those thoughts in my mind, I have encountered two thoughts, maybe three.

Persecution is coming and when it comes, it comes at the will of God.  As the story of Job goes, so goes the story of the persecuted Church.  We have to be at a place where we really understand this portion of scripture for if we do not, we might not make it through.

When the time of evil comes upon the earth and everyone is turning to worship it – the only ones who will not are those who name has been written before the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb that was slain.  My name was written in this incredibly important book before the foundation of the world…your name too if you are a follower of Jesus. I can’t tell you how I feel about this as I can say that I have not heard of this before – actually what I can tell you is how I feel, just not what to think about it and how that relates to my walk with God.  He really does know me, really does love me, has an incredible stake in me making it through to the end as a committed follower.

He knows that it will be so difficult to see authority given to another to make war against the saints and to even conquer them.  So much so that He places out a special call to us – a call for the endurance and faith of the saints.

Lord, my walk with you has taken a different turn today.  I walk with my friend today, my sustainer, the One who knows the road that lays before me.  I am strengthened by that walk, knowing that you really do know me and knowing that I will need you to ensure my walk is steady and sure.  May the saints lamps be filled with oil and may we have extra knowing that such a day is before us.  I accept the call for endurance and faith and I can only do so because You walk with me. Thank you for not only making the call, but making it so that I can accept it.

Andrew Murray – Faith And Its Power Of Endurance 


Salvation, power, authority and the kingdom of God

born-again-christianThere was a battle in the heavens one time quite long ago.  Back then, Lucifer was the head angel and with a third of the angels in rebellion, they fought against Lucifer’s replacement, Michael, and his angels – Lucifer lost and was kicked out of heaven to remain on earth.

There will be another battle coming.  Lucifer is now known as the dragon.  His team of angels will once again fight Michael and his angels and will lose again.

Why would we look for salvation, power, authority and the kingdom of God anywhere else but in Jesus?

The one who accuses us before God will be eternally thrown down.

We accept the prize of the conquering angels – salvation, power, kingdom of God and the authority of Jesus and we continue to conquer in our every day lives by these three very important things:

  • we remember that we conquer by the blood of the Jesus
  • we remember that we conquer by the word of our testimony – never stop telling others what Jesus has done for you
  • we remember that we conquer because by the model Jesus Himself gave us, we do not love our lives, even when it comes to facing death


What story do we tell?

what story do we tellMy father used to tell the scariest “hell” stories that you could imagine.  No matter who he talked to about God, if he ran into an argument or an attitude that he needed to move into a more submissive role – out came the big picture of what the end of the world would look like.  Everyone ended up agreeing with my dad – “heaven” was  a much better place to live.  Who by the way wants to be labeled a heathen?

That was his day – all kinds of end time movies, prophecies put on film, ministers who saw what the end of the world looked like and dire warnings that if we do not straighten up we were going to roast – forever.

Today it’s different.  Ministers are now siding with the theology that hell is not forever, at some point God annihilates it.  The multifaith contingent  believes we will all go to heaven for God is a God of love.  Those prophets of yesteryear have all proven to be wrong in their timetables.  Just try to find a worship song that even hints at repentance or coming clean before God.

So what does a guy in today’s world do when he confronts the word of God that describes quite visibly how the world will end and what happens to those who follow Christ and those who do not?  What story do I tell?

I think I have the joy of telling both.  I really push the idea that God is love and yet have the opportunity of describing tough love in the family context of raising children as the set of boundaries that all families have in place.  Then there are consequences if those boundaries are crossed.  No big deal – we can all make our own choices and each choice has its own reward.

So I trust in the adult inside each one of us to comprehend that and to make the choice.  If I go in denial and create my own rules of how I can make it to heaven – that is my choice – and I will take the consequence for that decision.  That includes making up my own entrance criteria, following religion, being as good as I can be or being so generous that I buy my way in – those are my decisions and they come with their own consequences.

I can only pray that my walk with God is something that is so real that after spending some time  with those I have had the opportunity to tell the story will see the integrity of such a walk – not my integrity, but God’s.  He is so faithful – He has never lied, always kept His promises, walks with me even on the days I do not want to walk with Him or think I can do it on my own.  My testimony is empty, my testimony to His love is real.  He makes the difference – that is the story to tell – He is the difference and sent His Son to make sure we not only heard the story, but saw it in action.

“We give thanks to thee, Lord God Almighty, who art and who wast,
that thou hast taken thy great power and begun to reign.
The nations raged, but thy wrath came,
and the time for the dead to be judged,
for rewarding thy servants, the prophets and saints,
and those who fear thy name, both small and great,
and for destroying the destroyers of the earth.”

Mystery of God

mystery of GodIn the finals days of earth, there is an electricity in the heavens, an anticipation so great for the final and greatest fulfillment of prophecy – the mystery of God.

All the prophets looked forward to this day – it was kept from everyone until Jesus came to reveal this mystery of God.

Then Paul alludes to it from time to time but comes out clear as a bell in his letter to the Colossians – –

“This message was kept secret for centuries and generations past, but now it has been revealed to God’s people.  For God wanted them to know that the riches and glory of Christ are for you Gentiles, too. And this is the secret: Christ lives in you. This gives you assurance of sharing his glory.”

We, as God walks with us, know this to be true.  Christ does live in us.  That is why some of our evangelical friends invite people to accept Jesus Christ into their lives or some even say to ask Him into your heart.

This is important to us because it is His presence within us that gives us assurance that we will share in His glory – we will be where He is – where else would we rather be?

That always begs the question – if you are not walking with God, who are you walking with?

Seal of God

THE SEALING OF THE 144,000_clip_image038We are given the seal of God by the Holy Spirit the moment we make the decision to follow Christ.  It is a mark of God’s faithfulness to us no matter where our journey takes us.

But the seal of God is more than just  a mark of your call to serve Him, it is in fact a mark that sets you apart from everyone and everything else on earth.

You ever notice just how different you are from other people walking in the mall, or working in the office or sitting in your classroom?  The mark separates you and as much as you might want to be hip and happening, cool and part of the regulars or silent and alone – no such thing, your mark is like a beacon that attracts or repels people.

It is also something that should make us bold.  I know I am called by God to serve a purpose.  I know that purpose has not become a reality yet.  I know that the seal of God protects me from any realm of evil that would try to take my life.  It is this trust in God that enables me to take the evil in this world and see it as actors upon a stage.  The real power lies within me and not with them.  For anyone to get through to me, they need my Father’s permission – since that is not going to happen – people better back off.

God walking with me really becomes a reality and not just a symbolic gesture.