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Be quick


be quick

I have learned that I need to be very quick when it comes to reacting to things around me and that quickness has to be in relation to my walk with God – that walk has to be part of my DNA.

For example, I have learned to be quick when it comes to hearing.  I have learned to repeat what I think I have heard.  I have learned to be quick in not speaking, but rather stay focused on listening.  Most of all, because my father was an angry man, I have learned to be quick in being self-aware as to why and what is causing me to react.  If there is one character that does not work in representing the righteousness of God – its anger.

How did I learn to do these things?  Well first of all I will tell you why I did.  I remember, as a youth pastor, must have been 23 years old, I was carrying a couch into a home and at the other end was an elder of the church.  As the couch was slipping from my hands, I was quick in saying the “s” word and was stunned, as was my elder.

I realized that something was up if that was the first thing out of my mouth.

Then  I heard a sermon that declared that we need to learn to speak God and it needs to be a natural response.  The pastor stated that when an airplane is going down, the black box records the last few minutes of the cockpit conversation.  The research he found indicated that 85% of the time, the pilots went down cursing God – a learned response.

So I began to put away all my casual talk and changed my thinking to react by calling upon the name of Jesus.  I also realized the power of God’s Word and spoke it often, with meekness, to others as part of my conversation.

One day I knew I had learned it when we were driving home after a fresh snow fall of about 10″ and having not known of the impending weather, I took the old car out with tires not quite up to the task.  Not being able to see the shoulder of the road because of the fresh snow, I found myself going over too far when another car was approaching from the other direction.  That caused some pulling and loss of traction.  At one point I was going over a bridge and a car was approaching from the other side.  I pulled over too far and this time lost control of the car and was being projected to go over the bridge railings.  I yelled out Jesus name as a call for Him to intervene and take control – woke up my family in the car – but that car was picked up and put back on the road in the direction we were going and I never left the road again.

I believe we need to be quick about being people who “do” the Word, and not just sit there and be “listeners” only.  We think we are followers of Christ but in the end, when it comes to crunch time with what comes out of our mouths, we find that we have deceived ourselves.  Such a person looks at themselves in a mirror, sees what they see, walks away and forgets what they were like.

It looking at the law, the law that states I am free in Christ, and deciding I am going to “do” that initiates a blessing in that same doing.

If any one thinks they are religious, and does not bridle their tongue will deceive their heart – this person’s religion is vain.



  1. nopew says:

    Very powerful. It reinforces why Paul was told by God to use the metaphor of soldier and athlete so often – practice, practice, practice; and run (fight) to win! I was blessed and advised by this post.

  2. Julie Harris says:

    I have nominated you for two blogging awards- The Sunshine Award and the Inner Peace Award. If you would like to accept and pass it on, you can see the post here


    Thank you for so eloquently writing about what it means to be a follower of Christ! Blessings to you!

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