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Faith until death?


faith until death

Still remember the day, see myself sitting at my study desk at home, no one else in the room but me and I am depressed.

Felt my walk with God was just about as lost and far from Him as possible.  At 16 it mattered to me.

In my boredom, I picked up my dad’s book, Martyr’s Mirror.  Huge book, so I started at the beginning and read how the apostles died, then members of the early church and by the time the book reached the next generation of martyrs I realized that torture had become an art.  The method used to bring death into the lives of those who decided to follow Christ were unfathomable.

Inside me, the Holy Spirit began to move, my faith was being stirred, I was witnessing faith in action to the point of tortured death and my soul could not stay the same.

Everyone of them knew that they would rise again to a better life.  Some could sing, others could preach and others took every once of their energy and focus and determination not to renounce their faith.

The world was not worthy of such people, their faith tested and all the promises that were theirs had not yet been received since God had foreseen something better – their story was meant to be part of my story and together we are made perfect.

From that day forward I knew I was surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, watching how I would move in my faith.  It was that day that I came alive, threw aside my baggage and decided no matter the cost I would run the race that was given to me to run.

I began to look to Jesus, the pioneer and the One who will complete my journey of faith, who Himself, for the joy that He saw before Him, endured the cross.  Not allowing its shame to stop Him, He died, was buried, was resurrected and now seats at the right hand of the throne of God.

Today, as God walks with me, I remember what Jesus endured from the world and its hate towards Him and because of His example, I do not grow weary or struggle in my desire to follow Him because nothing I go through at the moment even comes close to shedding my blood.  




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  1. nopew says:

    I too am inspired by those who stood for Jesus even through great hell and to death. Yes, my own hells have not been of that type, yet I pray I learn more reliance on the Saviour at the end of each one. I have learned to notice the humans who are the abusers, and to fret about their souls. If I focus on my pain rather than their eternity I have lost a big one.

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