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How does one depart from their faith


departing from the faith

Still in the first half of the Steve Jobs biography lent to me by my neighbour across the street and sure enough ran into his “reasons” for not being a follower of Jesus.  Technically, he never left the faith because he was never a person of faith in God to begin with and his parents were only nominal in stature themselves.

His reasons are echoed through the halls of atheism since the beginning of time and they resemble the same arrogance when spoken for the first time.

So when I started to reflect on what would it take for me to lose my faith – something like Charles Templeton went through – I realized how important my walk with Jesus was each and every day.

My walk has nothing to do with maintaining my state of being brainwashed, but rather my protection from deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons that do not seek to give me life, but rather prioritize the need for lying, killing and destroying.

I remembered a story tucked away in the OT that related to a prophet who was told to go into a city, prophesy against it, and walk out the other end without engaging with anyone until they left the city.  Sure enough, someone in the city who “said” he was a prophet convinced the real prophet that God has spoken and changed His mind and now he was supposed to stay at his house to have supper.  Unfortunately, the real prophet must have been a rookie or was having a bad day/off day and followed the unholy advice. Leaving the city God sent a lion to kill the prophet for having disobeyed Him.

Is it possible that we might find ourselves in the company of liars who declare they know God but in fact do not?

I am a little worried right now about some Sunday School teachers that are teaching our youth in the church.  They are boasting of how smart they are and how important they are and their final comments suggested that the Bible is too old school to take notice of and therefore does not need to be looked at as authoritative but rather as a story book filled with tales and lore of old.

It is in associate with these “followers of Jesus” in name only that remind us how important knowing and discerning the truth is – and there is nothing like hanging out with the author of life, who never lies, to know the difference between a phony and the real deal.

Now, does that mean we look behind every corner and every comment to find the devil living there or do we receive everything, in thanksgiving, for everything created by God is good.  Nothing needs to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.

I have been teaching our youth how to handle the sexual thoughts that race through their minds when they encounter or are enamored by a beautiful and attractive person of the opposite sex.  How proud I was when I heard my daughter’s friends tell us that Jaclyn once burst out with thanksgiving to God for creating such a hunk who was sitting at another table.  When you receive anything with thanksgiving it is consecrated by the Word of God and prayer and what the devil wanted to use to destroy, you have taken and glorified God with – honouring Him through the process.

If you put these instructions before the others, you will be a good minister of Christ Jesus, nourished on the words of the faith and of the good doctrine which you have followed.  Chances are you not only will not fall, but you will help others to look to the authour of their faith.



  1. nopew says:

    Indeed. Adam and Eve walked with God in a physical sense and still were deceived. Alas, we are all vulnerable to deception and therefore wearing the armour of God, staying alert and remaining humble are not just good things, but vital for safe spiritual living. Interpreting life through anything other than God’s love (like Charles Templeton becoming fixated by the pain in the world) means trouble.

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