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Command of God


thegathering235springdaisystripI think there are a few ways to interpret the tone of God‘s voice in our lives.

Most of us want to hear sweet nothings whispered in our ear and for us to respond with amazing worship, bowing at the feet of Jesus, and loving that fact that He is our best friend, our Saviour, our Lord….

That’s a great lead in to the next point – as Lord, He directs by holding our hand, or closing and opening doors, we yield because we are so in love with Him and He gently requests understanding our human limitations.

Even when we think He commands, we hear the understanding and wisdom of a gentle Father as opposed to a tyrant or dictator or Lord.

Then there are those of us who know better – they know the character of God – they know when He speaks the world was created, He speaks and the dead rise up, He speaks and the sick are made well and the prisoners are set free.

When God speaks to those of us who know God, we know that He is not suggesting, giving options, hoping you have a better day today so that you might follow — He is commanding us to stand, to be, to accept the call that He is Lord and Master of our lives and that our purpose on this earth was planned before the beginning of time.

Our walk with Him produces incredible fruit as we become more like Him but never do we take our walk with Him so casually that we do not hear the call of what to do to bring Him glory and honour today.




  1. sellairene says:

    We are special because of we worship The Great God who created the universe, which at the same time can be close and intimate talk with us.

  2. nopew says:

    And when we really go off the track, and God’s compassion sounds through the reprimand, how unbelievable is the love of God for us.

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“Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emman′u-el” (which means, God with us)." Matthew 1:23 RSV

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