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Wives, Husbands, Children, Fathers, Employees, Employers



Think that pretty much covers it…

The world we live in that watches our walk with Jesus better than anyone else.

What would be the number one priority for each of these role models that would make an impact on those watching – what is the one thing that would make you suspect – that you are one who walks with Jesus?

Wives love getting together and talking about the word – “subject to your husband.”  They provide 101 reasons why that is not going to happen and I am sure that every point they make is right on the bulls-eye.   There is only one problem – it’s the one way that God can be glorified through you – there are other ways, but none as effective as this one.

Husbands need to love their wives.  We are the lovers and no one else is going to put on that mantle in the relationship.  I Corinthians 13 belongs to us, we need to live it out in our relationship with our wives – we lead, are the leaders, in only one thing – we love like there is no tomorrow.  We love like the way Jesus loves us – we would die for our wives.

Children are amazing.  They are able to show signs of spiritual maturity even though they are unable to comprehend life, but they comprehend God.  The greatest honour you can give God, the one thing that shows you have grown up in the spiritual world of your life and your walk with Jesus is how you obey your parents.

Fathers are the strongest member of the family unit.  How the father goes, the family goes.  A father that walks with God acts like God.  He encourages, exhorts, builds up, strengthens, supports, and blesses his children so that their lives never face discouragement because of you.

Employees listen to needs of their employers and with sincerity, looking for opportunity to bless them through the focus you give to your task.  Working hard you know that you are actually working for the Lord and it is He who you are serving.  You understand that even though you employer may be mean and cruel and abusive, it’s not your problem.

Employers are just and fair.  Show your love to God by giving what God gives to you to those who work with you.

Overall, stay in prayer, watchful but not paranoid, rather in an attitude of thanksgiving, be able to see the open door to where you may share the love of Christ.  So be wise, making the most of the time you have, and speak with graciousness as if you are flavouring the conversation with a light touch of salt, so that you can provide an answer to all matters of your walk with Christ.



  1. nopew says:

    Even if all those who follow Jesus did this it would make heaven on earth. But…

    • evanlaar1922 says:

      how true but you know that no person has the power within them to make this happen as a reality – they can act it for a while but not sustain it

      • nopew says:

        Absolutely, but if more disciples would yield to the One Who can rather than fall back on religious traditions and interpretations and regulations that sometimes ignore or contradict Scripture we would see what the Roman world saw, a love that swept across land and water faster than we do with all our electronic advances.

      • evanlaar1922 says:

        of course those things you mention are excuses and compromise the call

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