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Working with a mission organization that sends out over 180 missionaries around the world, including Canada, I think we miss the boat sometimes as to what cheers people up.

Nothing cheers up another better than to know what God is doing in the missionary’s life and in the lives of the people they are ministering too.

I think missionaries think they have to talk about glamorous things or how many people came to Christ or were baptized.  However, as that may be the request of a church mission board, it is not what people want to hear – they want to be cheered up.

Just last week I called a donor who responded   very depressingly about the nature of our world and just how ineffective the Christian missionaries must feel.

Very quickly I told him three stories that I had just heard where God came and visited with the missionaries and lives were changed and communities were transformed – all this in front of the missionary family and the church community.

People want to know that God’s Word does not go out empty.  It goes and accomplishes what it was meant to accomplish and that fulfilled promise fills our hearts with incredible warmth and we are cheered up.

Missionaries are also cheered up when they know there are people here in their home country that are genuinely interested in them.  Most people look after their own needs first and if they have time, they will consider others.

Look at our own walk with Jesus – even when we mention His name as we greet Him in the morning brings a sense of incredible purpose and unconditional love  and we start the  morning – cheered up.

Cheer up – God is doing amazing things and He wants us to tell each other so that others are cheered up too.



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