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Grace to you and peace



Why is it so difficult for us to bless one another?

When I get up in the morning and go to my place where I greet the Lord before the start of the day, the first thing we tell each other is that we love each other.

It sets my tone for asking for forgiveness as well as straightens out my attitude in forgiving others – even though there are days where that takes quite a bit of time.

I went to my dentist one day and she decided to mention something that had been on her mind for some time.  She said that I had a overbite and as such, there should naturally be grind marks on my teeth.  She said I had no such marks at all.  She said the only way that could happen was if I had such incredible peace that there were no anxious moments either in my life or in my sleep.

What a great introduction for me to share with her about the Prince of Peace.

More and more I am coming to face the responsibility of praying for others, for remembering them in my prayers, to be joyful for the wonderful blessings God is going to bestow on them.  I have partners in ministry and they need my prayers from the first day I meet them and then as long as I have breath.

The work that God is doing in our lives needs to be completed and only if I hold you in my heart will I remember to pray and support that purpose.  We are all partakers of God’s grace no matter how or where we serve.  May my prayers give me such a love for the servants of God that I may bless them always with knowledge and discernment for the days are short.  May we all know what is excellent, pure and blameless and may we remain so until Jesus returns.

For the glory and praise of God.

“Grace and Peace” acoustic version [Sovereign Grace Music]




  1. nopew says:

    A most interesting discovery! May your peace become infectious and spread by the Spirit.

  2. Well said! We are all under construction by grace and mercy.

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