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Evidence of two or three witnesses



evidence of two or three witnesses

Normally one would think that you need witnesses to help defend yourself against accusations or if you are going to lay a charge against someone, you need a few witnesses to back that charge up.

I think more and more these days that we need witnesses that can speak to the work of God in our lives.  It is becoming more important these days for me to know that a Christian leader has a few mentors or life coaches that they are accountable to and can be transparent with.

Our denominational leaders have failed to uphold the standard of Christian leadership and it has fallen on the shoulders of each individual leader to hold themselves responsible to God and to ensure that the spiritual temperature of your life is one of a hunger to know God evidenced by spiritual growth.

My wife pointed out to me that too many of us use the phrase – “fruits of the spirit”  when in fact it says, “fruit of the spirit.”  Those nine by-products of a Christian life need to be all evident – talking to me – it meant I can’t wait around for self-control, it needs to happen today.

My wife and my children are my witnesses.  They are the ones I can’t fool.  I am thankful that God has instituted family to this end – to be transparent, accountable, and a testimony to my walk with Jesus every day.




  1. Julie Harris says:

    Great post! Yes, we all need “God Friends” who can help us along our journey and encourage us. What a blessing it is to have our spouses and children to help us be accountable! Blessings to you

  2. nopew says:

    Yes, those we live with know the whole story!
    Some understand that Bible verse to read, “The fruit of the Spirit is love [as shown by…]”. Makes sense and expresses God’s way.

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