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Boasting of my weaknesses


boasting of my weaknesses

It’s almost like reverse psychology – either boasting about someone else’s great experiences or boasting of your own weaknesses.

The way I look at it, my strength comes from the mere fact that I walk with Jesus.  He actually takes my weaknesses and makes them look like strengths.  In my moments of denial, I actually think they are my strengths, and all it takes is a good sense of reality to bring me back to who I am in Christ.

My mom always has wanted to see Jesus.  I finally asked her what would she do after He left?  She said that she would tell everyone.  I asked her why – it dawned on her the reality of her ask was for her to be glorified.

So I will focus on boasting about others but I especially will boast about my weaknesses.  The last thing I need is something in life to constantly be reminding me of my humanity and my lack of being able to do anything in the spiritual realm without the assistance and presence of the Holy Spirit.

I will receive the power of God in my life, but it will come through my weakness, for in that weakness, I perfect the work of Christ within me.  My walk with Christ will be filled with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecution and calamities – all for the sake of Christ – but it is in those very moments that I am strong.

Boast In Your Weakness (Psa 39)




  1. Shelly says:

    Reverse psychology – to me God’s economy is completely the opposite of the world because the things the world values, God does not and vice versa. The things important to God are so different than what the world says is important. God values humility and the world values pride. God values servanthood and the world values being served. God values weakness so He can reveal His strength and the world values your own strength. May we value the things of God versus the things of the world. Be blessed today and bless someone else!

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