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Whatever any one dares to boast of —


whatever any one dares to boast of

Funny isn’t it – we take a chance to tell others of a major feat we have accomplished – sure enough some one in the crowd has done better, gone further, prayed longer, served more faithfully – you get the point.

We still measure ourselves against others do we not?

On Sunday, a major church in the city invited 11 smaller, newer churches to come and join them on a Sunday where they signed church attenders up for a role to serve where needed.  The idea was that maybe some people in the church would want to help a struggling church.

I was part of that event as my church plant is an Arabic speaking congregation and my family serves in the English ministry.

What did I do?  Turned it into a competition – could we sign more people up to serve than any of the other 10 churches.  Sure enough we did – our 24 names when the highest of the other 10 was a total of 6 names.

Did I boast, yep.  Is that important, no.  What we really need is to turn those 24 names into real volunteers.  The percentage of our list to the percentage of the others would probably indicate that their volunteers were more wisely selected than mine.  Lost it in the moment of competition.

Well it helped get everyone on the team talking, but I didn’t need to boast.  Needed to be thankful that God had given favour.  Too much me on Sunday and not enough Jesus.  My bad…

Nik Wallenda



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