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Our confidence is from God


our confidence is from GodI travel quite a bit from church to church – met a lot of pastors and elders and deacons in my time. Each visit has a different story I need to tell, but I always end up with the same challenge – how are you getting your people engaged with God, how is He real, and how is that made relevant in your church body?

In each church there seems to be a lack of confidence in who God is and it’s a concern for the church leadership.

Most of the time I believe we are messing with the confidence in education rather than in God.  We want letters of degrees, we want continuing education, we want approval letters from others saying that we can trust this one – he is okay because of the institution of their training or the letter of recommendation from a well-known saint who was educated a this institution.

Happened again here in New Brunswick but not as much as in Ontario.  Past President of New Brunswick Bible Institute, Dr. John Hoag, said it best yesterday admitting that education has really messed the church up – totally taking over from the call of God.

What letters do we really need?  Is not our confidence in God?  When we speak of the things of God, is your heart not warmed, are you not stirred in your faith?  Is that the only letter required of me?  To a point, yes.  May my enthusiasm – being filled with God – be the measuring stick of my early morning devotions with my God.  May that give me confidence, seen by those around me, and may they be my letters to you.





  1. nopew says:

    I agree.
    As someone with 3 university degrees, professional training and carer certification I can say the education was neat, but I speak about belonging to God, not the academic elite. I’ve seen way too many pastors who passed their exams, but never got it together with God! They traded arrogance for servanthood, formulas for faith and status for mission. I also spoke before Chief and Council in a First Nation which was setting up an expanded counseling service and told them to look for Elders whose experience and faith would train people up, and give up the Western notion of academic status. I remember talking with my doctoral degree colleagues and we all agreed that the best thing a person could learn after graduating with their Masters was that they didn’t know enough yet! Sorry, I’m rambling, but this is one of my personal soapboxes…

  2. Thanks for the link-love. God bless.

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“Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emman′u-el” (which means, God with us)." Matthew 1:23 RSV

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