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When your mind cannot rest


when your mind cannot restFunny thing – you think that walking with Jesus is the ultimate experience we would want to have – yet when we are missing our friends or family, it can disrupt our walk even to the point where the doors He opens to us for ministry no longer matter because we miss so deeply the human connection.

Sometimes that makes us feel very guilty, but it really is normal.  It’s why those who call themselves workaholics are very dysfunctional – that do not miss human contact – at least we know that for a time because eventually when there is no work they realize, sometimes too late, that their life is absolutely meaningless.

A confession – I always labelled Paul as a workaholic, type A personality, control freak and all-around pain in the neck when it came to relationships.  My mistake.  I am slowly learning otherwise.  Today was no different.

Here is Paul, a wide open door for ministry in Traos and instead of continuing in ministry he stopped.  He stopped because he came there for only one reason – to find Titus.  He missed him so much.  When he could not find him, he was so consumed that he left and went to Macedonia instead to see if he could find him there.

Have to admit I love reading this about Paul.  It gives all of us permission to leave ministry for a time and connect with family and friends – they really do matter and they do make up a real part of who we are.  We need them and need to spend time with them.




  1. I really enjoyed reading your insight on this, thank you! It’s cool because God never intended us to walk this thing alone and puts such an importance on human connection. That’s an awesome confession of thinking Paul to be a workaholic and then finding how he stopped everything to seek a friend. Anyway, this is something that isn’t usually talked about so I think it’s a really cool post.

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

  2. nopew says:

    Out of an almost total vacuum Paul had to lay the groundwork for the work of Jesus. The saddest thing is how rude modern people are to Paul, who was truly led of God to a vital work. Paul is used to excuse things he actually condemned, and Paul is ignored when following his direction would keep us closer to God and other believers.
    I guess we just don’t like being told what to do, even if it is God-inspired!

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