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Factions reveal the genuine


factionsInteresting bit of information to add to your discernment of what happens when two bodies, both claiming to be followers of Christ, are heading in two different directions and with two different purposes.

Some get really upset when there are such divisive actions around them yet they are the real test to the character of the genuine follower of Christ.  Yes, for the one who is still interested in spiritual milk, it can be a very embarrassing situation.  To the one who has been enjoying a diet of spiritual meat, it can be a cross that needs bearing.

What is worse is that if you are the mature follower of Christ and are young at age, your ability to act in wisdom will drive the older, immature follower insanely jealous and they will try to destroy you with their anger, gossip and all around ill nature.

Understand this – those who are looking for a genuine follower of Jesus will look you up, those who have followed the carnal nature of an immature follower will throw you out, call you names and destroy your credibility with ease and no feelings of guilt.  Sometimes it can feel that it’s the end of who you are.

But God always has a plan – it started with Him giving us the book of Job.  It is only God who gives permission for what you have to be taken away and it is always God who will give it back.  No one on earth has such power – hence those that think they do are spiritual immature.  It is why we look all over for the person who trusts only in God.  Such trust allows the Holy Spirit to be in control and has no need for the carnal to fuel a fire of ill-will.

I would like to have shared a story with you other than Jesus who portrayed such maturity in the Christian world – actually would not know one unless I researched it.  I do know one from the Greek world in the name of Socrates.  It was said one day that a student of his ran into his study one day with demanding news.  He said that someone was slandering his name in the square and that Socrates was to come at once to defend his name and his honour.  Socrates let the man capture his breath for a bit and then replied quietly that there was nothing to defend, his life has always been an open book and his life would stand to defend itself.  What a person says does not change the life I have lived and will continue to live.





  1. nopew says:

    Sad and true that this happens. Breath-taking that the target who follows Jesus will find personal peace in the midst of it all, for mortal people cannot harm the eternal spirit.

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