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Be imitators of me


be imitators of me

That is what is says in the purpose statement of my job description as a follower of Christ.

My walk with Jesus should be such that I might call out to others to imitate me, flesh and blood, as I imitate Christ, the resurrected Son of God who has given to me the Holy Spirit to enable me to live the life He lived.

Things do get lost in the translation from time to time.

I still remember the story of the mother who was putting a ham in the oven.  She caught off the one end of the ham before putting it in the pan and then into the oven.  Her young daughter asked her why she did that and her mother said that Grandma always did that – she knows what she is doing!  Later that night as family started gathering, Grandma shows up.  She was asked by the mother of the young daughter what was the secret to cutting of the end of the ham so she could tell her daughter.  Grandma laughed.  She said the only reason she cut of the end was so the ham could fit into the pan…

So there are things that Paul says that just do not make sense to me.  I want to imitate him as he obviously imitated Christ but I just do not get it.  I can account a fraction for culture, another fraction for him being single, another fraction for his type A personality, and another fraction for a bit or arrogance which apologetic folk today say is just an appearance of being confident and bold in proclaiming truth.  Maybe there is a bit of tradition in there that was understood at one time and just no longer makes the same sense as it did then.

We best be aware that our own traditions do not get imitated as acts but that those who follow us know our hearts and minds to the matter as well.




  1. nopew says:

    Wise counsel and caution. Rituals, customs and cultural influence are too often taken, without due diligence and discernment, as God-given orders, all the while ignoring the big 10 Commandments, or the new one about love as Christ loved, even to death.

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