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Worship of Idols


To this day I remember the event…churchcandles

I walked into our young adult gathering on a Friday night full of expectation of what God could do if we let Him.  Instead I found a group of lame, disinterested, passionate-less people who probably were engaging God for the very first time that day.

Staying for just a while, enough to be dissatisfied and unhappy with the sad loss of seeing the Holy Spirit move, I went to the dark sanctuary and decided to call on God for revival to fall upon our group and turn them into real followers of Christ.

What followed in the next hour was quite incredible.  I started by walking around, praying fervently, asking God in my strongest voice and telling God in my most judgmental voice that our group needed Him to show up.  That did not seem to be working so much, so I went on my knees pleading for Him to fall on this group and revive them – again not so good – nothing seemed to be happening and He did not seem to be listening. So I went on my face on the carpet of that dark sanctuary.  I asked God why He was not listening to me and asked Him to let me know what was going on.

As I was laying there quietly, I started to reflect on why I was there in the first place.  Why I was praying and asking for the things I was asking for.  I decided that I would ask the same things for me.  It was then that God decided to show me how He could not work through me because of the idols I was worshiping – mainly myself.

As I asked Him to forgive one thought, another would come up.  Then got that all cleared up and then another thought was brought to my attention that needed forgiveness, another idol, another time where my faith did not hold true to my calling.  For the next half hour, sin after sin, idol after idol came up and had to be destroyed.  It was like one tidal wave after another and each wave shocked me more than the one before.  Never had I realized so much sin could be contained in one person’s life – A Christian‘s life – until that night.

I walked out of that church sanctuary a completely set free man from all of the idols that I kept me from loving and caused me to sin and step away from God,  What scares me most is that I thought I was walking with Him and He with me.

That young adult gathering turned into the best night for me – the worship was right, the preaching was clear, the Word of God was powerful and lives were changed – most importantly mine.

I learned a powerful lesson.  When you worship an idol, you partake in that idol’s culture.  When my idol is Jesus, I only partake in Him.  When I place ANYTHING else in my sphere of worship, that idol will take a part of me away from Jesus.  How far away from Him are we?

Idol Worship





  1. defrostingwindows says:

    Bullseye! That was a good arrow. Thanks.

  2. […] Worship of Idols (evanlaar2013.wordpress.com) […]

  3. nopew says:

    I am in awe of the God who got down on that carpet with you. I am overwhelmed that you could share such a story. I am thrilled to rejoicing at the happy ending.
    Such important words, because modern folk think they have no idols because they don’t have figurines around (except for the car, the smartphone, the name-brand clothes, the huge TV, … or the ideas and fixations that occupy our minds). The first 2 Commandments are the first ones broken.
    Blessings and Peace

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