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Do I have a grievance?


I am running into more stories of Christians taking other Christians to court.  I must say that in most cases its involved the breaking of contracts between one corporate and another but both were privately owned by Christians.

At what point do we follow Biblical teaching on the settling of our affairs?  When do we go to court or do we even consider court?

It makes sense that if the spirit of God is in us than we should have far superior skill sets and understanding in dealing with these conflicts.  Solomon would make the best example of this.

I mean that is our role in heaven is it not?  We are going to be in position of authority to judge and if we are going to have this kind of responsibility how is it that we cannot judge even the most trivial of cases?

Not sure how this works, but we are even going to be responsible in the judgement of angels – so how come we cannot take care of matters in this very finite world of ours?

Maybe we need to give our issues to those who are the least esteemed in our community of faith.  What a shame to us all – is there no one wise enough to settle these matters?  It is our lack of wisdom glaring us in our face when we go to the unbelieving to settle the issues of the believers and by doing so, admit they have more wisdom than we do – double shame.

Can we walk away from 2.5 million dollars when we can’t seem to settle a deal?  Maybe we could if we understood that the lawyers will get most of it anyway.  However, us making the call gives us the control of doing what God would want us to do.

Let’s just make sure we are not the ones defrauding and wronging the followers of Christ.

The biblical adage – “all things are lawful for me,” but not all things are helpful or “all things are lawful for me,” but I will not be enslaved by anything – takes on a whole new meaning here.









May our hearts staying walking with God even when we know we are right, cannot afford to be wrong or defrauded – somehow all things will work out alright – God always is involved when we ask Him to get involved.





  1. nopew says:

    Having been in a position like this of having decisions to make I can say that Christians falsely believe in power over others and are obsessed with winning, not souls, but fights and arguments, usually ones they started or created. People would rather play God (power) instead of act like God (love).
    And yes, we opted not to pursue the case, because we came to the conviction that, even if I won, the religious bureaucracy would learn nothing and do the same thing again. So why give them a forum to spout their sins at me again? So I’m out nearly $600,000, but I can sleep at night and live my Saviour without shame (on this matter).
    Your post is a good warning.
    More people, if they can’t read the Bible well, should at least read “In His Steps”!

  2. lbtk says:

    When my husband was finally diagnosed with leukemia in 2010, we found that it was his doctor’s error and misdiagnosis that almost cost him his life. When another doctor finally did the actual diagnosis and sent us to UNC Cancer hospital, Kelly went into remission after the very first time. We did a lot of praying about what we should do about his family care doctor. What we finally did was make a complaint to the AMA and our state board. You would not believe that spam snail mail we received from lawyers wanting to take our case and get us “what we deserve.” We got more than we deserved. We got a diagnosis in time and we went to one of our country’s most successful cancer hospitals and received excellent care. But what we really got that we may not have deserved, was healing. We still get notices from time to time, but like all the others, I just toss them in the garbage. Thanks for reminding me that we made the right decision. Sandy

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