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How shall we live?


how shall we live






After devoting 11 chapters to heavy-duty theology on the mercies of God – it is here that Paul transitions from –

Doctrine to duty

Creed to conduct

Belief to behaviour

Turns theology into walkology


The answers to the question – how should we live? – is used 13x in the first 11 chapters and is used 11x times in chapter 12 alone.


There are more commands on how to live in this chapter than in any other chapter in the NT – it is a chapter of action.


Give us a summary of God’s mercy that we could find in the first 11 chapters —

God’s mercy –

  • Sent His son to us as the sacrifice for our punishment          3:21-26
  • We are made righteous                                                          3:27 – 4:25
  • Freedom from sin                                                                   6:16-18
  • Eternal life                                                                              6:23
  • Peace with God                                                                       5:1
  • Access to the grace of God                                                     5:2
  • Saved                                                                                       5:9
  • Called us His children                                                             8:17
  • His generosity                                                                         8:32
  • His love                                                                                   8:39
  • He called us in spite of who we were                                     11:5


What does it mean to be transformed?

–          metamorphism

  • Jesus’ transfiguration
  • Here in Romans 12:2
  • Passive – we allow it to be done to us – 2 Cor.5:17


What is the goal of transformation?

–          To become like Christ

–          To live like Christ

–          To prove what is right – good, acceptable and perfect

  • In fact, this is the basis of a new kind of apologetics – instead of proving what is wrong – dancing, smoking, drinking – we are challenged to prove what is right

What should motivate us to allow transformation to happen to us?

–          Mercies of God

–          Love of Christ

–          Alternative to transformation is being conformed to this world


Is there anything we can do to play a part in showing our willingness to be transformed?

–          Baptism

  • Experience the working of God
    • Buried, then raised with Christ
    • Made alive with Christ, forgiven of all sins
  • Renewed of the Spirit
    • Saved by the mercy of God
    • Involves a washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit
  • Walk in newness of life
    • Having been crucified – we are now free from sin
    • Having been buried – in His death
    • Raised to life – with Christ

–          Renewing the Mind

  • Set our minds to –
    • Meditate on God and His Word
    • Keep in prayer
    • Worship
    • Participate in the Lord’s Supper



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