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Who would you die for?


bwtreeLets put this right out there – I am following Christ and chose to have Him walk with me each day for only one reason – Christ died for me, an ungodly person who didn’t even know that He existed and a person set on a path of destruction and ruin.

I could understand that someone might lay down their life for someone they considered very righteous or even for a very good person – it happens many times –  but for someone who does not even care, consider, love or acknowledge you, why would you?

I think I get it now when Jesus asks us husband to die for our wives.  It does not matter what they do or do not do, nor does it matter if I feel in love or not – my commitment to marriage is to die for my wife AS Christ died for the Church – a Church that deserved none of it.

This week my commitment to serve the hurting community of Chester Le in Toronto has been one marked with the possibility of death, for sure, pain.

My dream last night confirmed that possibility.  I asked God that if I were to die for the people of Chester Le, for the gospels sake, then I asked Him to give me ten souls that would follow Him.  I also asked Him that if not, He would give me the soul of the person or people who wanted me dead so that they would give them lives to Jesus and be prepared in turn to die for Him.

I have been praying for this community for the past two months, walking the streets, inviting children to summer camp, knocking on doors and introducing ourselves to the government community workers.  They are part of my heartbeat – I love them.




  1. That is really generous of you to do. It is also a strong statement regarding men in the verse from the Bible – men forget that they are the protectors, and that their strength is for protecting and providing. To die for someone is the ultimate way to do that, which shows a great dignity in the role of men, and also that in the role of women to be worthy of such protection. God bless you!

  2. nopew says:

    Not sure of the whole story behind this, but may God give you all you need to be the servant you choose to live.

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