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When it becomes normal


when it becomes normalWhat I love most about God being with me is that as I become more like Him and He becomes more a part of me, things that are not really normal become normal.  But to the observing eye who is watching, it might look to them that we definitely have some godlike qualities.

That is not always a good thing.  For us in particular.  We actually might start accepting a lot of money for something God has given to us or we might hold power and control over others – basically being abusive.

Here is what I know about being normal with God.

Poisoning of any kind does not have effect and that includes food poisoning, food gets multiplied or just appears, walking on water, water turning into wine, dead being raised to life, healing, speaking in other languages that you do not know how to speak, being drunk in the Spirit, no fear, knowing when I should not know anything, seeing things that no one else sees, knowing the future, have incredible strength and stamina — all these things I have seen Christians live as normal – you can see how others might think differently.

Believe it or not – the world might think you are godlike, the Church sometimes goes a bit too far and actually ostracize us – back in the day a person who displayed any of the qualities mentioned above were burned at the stake for being a witch.

However, these can be normal experiences for those who know they walk with God.


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  1. nopew says:

    Weird how normal has become weird in religion, and experiencing none of what Christ modeled is rewarded! Good insights.

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“Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emman′u-el” (which means, God with us)." Matthew 1:23 RSV

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