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You should have listened


winterroad_opt-1This has to be the hardest thing to figure out.

I understand that in a multitude of counsellors there is wisdom.  I also understand there are mentors, those who are disciplining you, those who are your friends and those who are praying for you.

However, at the end of the day it is still your decision and still your neck on the line.  When God says why didn’t you listen, you can’t say because so and so told me something different.

It comes down to which voice is right more often – God’s or others and it comes down to just how patient we are to wait for God’s voice.

If the other voices in your life are solid and God-given, they will be right answers that you can trust – just do not count on them.  Make sure you are still seeking God’s voice and if anything, confirm with others that you are on the right track.




  1. nopew says:

    Reblogged this on viewoutsidethepew and commented:
    Here is a short thought which, if lived out, will take you into the heart of Jesus everyday!

  2. I followed nopew here, and I’m glad I did. This is sound advice. It took a long time before I was willing to seek God’s voice for myself. I went to “godly” people to hear what they thought, but God??? That was too risky. After getting faulty input from people who didn’t know “the rest of the story,” I began asking Him directly. Lo and behold, He told me exactly what I needed to hear, to do, and life began to change for the better!

    Your sister in Christ,

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