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Admit who you are


good_surpriseSometimes it gets awkward when we try to quickly describe who we are.  It leads to confusion in the minds of our listeners and puts us into a rather difficult position of explaining ourselves which boils down to somehow feeling we are defending ourselves.

Lousy position to be put in when you want to share you faith in a powerful manner.

Believe it or not this takes practice.

If you call yourself a Christian – well 80% of our world probably would.  Yet you want to say more than that.  You might call yourself religious, but that gets you caught up with all the other religions who are trying to reach out to a god, but you are following a God that has reached down to you.  You might call yourself a follower of Jesus, that’s pretty good since there are only about 10% of our world that might do the very same.  It’s unique and begs some follow-up questions, but probably not as you have weirded them out with the “Jesus” word.

Paul was accused of being a sect and quickly countered that he was a part of a movement called, The Way.  It made sure that he was open about it and made sure that he was proud of it.  It allowed him to be bold and stay true to his conversation about Jesus changing his life and calling him to follow Him.  Also allowed Paul to ensure he could give a voice to his hope of this calling and that was the resurrection.

Practice describing who you are – make sure it reflects accurately and specifically where you are in your journey with Jesus – keeps your relationship with others clear and transparent and honest.





  1. nopew says:

    Thank you for linking to my post. i took the time to take a walk through your blog and I like what I see. It always inspires me to find another soul who follows Jesus as a Person. I look forward to keeping in touch through our blogs.

  2. keebostick says:

    Just a couple of nit-picking points

    You say “If you call yourself a Christian – well 80% of our world probably would”. I think you will find the official figure is nearer 35% than 80%

    You also say “You might call yourself a follower of Jesus, that’s pretty good since there are only about 10% of our world that might do the very same”. I thought being a Christian was the same as being a follower of Jesus. You seem to be suggesting otherwise. Am I missing something?

    • evanlaar1922 says:

      let’s talk more specifically about my own country – Canada.

      In our latest poll – 85% of Canadians said they believed in God and considered themselves Christians.

      Only 10% of them believed that Jesus was the Son of God – in other words they denied the deity of Jesus.

      So in our country, to call yourself a Christian does not mean you are a follower of Jesus – to call yourself a follower of Jesus is pretty much way out there and different to being a Christian.

      I think they believe that there are other ways to going to heaven other than through Jesus.

      • keebostick says:

        Thanks for clearing that up. Perhaps in future you should avoid using the phrase “of our world” unless you actually mean of our world.

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“Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emman′u-el” (which means, God with us)." Matthew 1:23 RSV

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