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Telling a story


greatstoryStorytelling isn’t so much about keeping the attention of a few for a number of moments in time.

Storytelling is the means of highlighting something that matters using the values within the context of real life matters.

However, if we go back before print ever existed, storytelling was the ability to remember the past, its values, lessons, experiences and movements to enable the listening generation to gather strength for themselves through the history of those who have gone before them.

Today, we need to remember the essence of storytelling so that we can tell it effectively, warming the hearts of our listening, instilling the strength of others into the current lives of our audience.

Paul was good at this when trying to relate the history of the Jewish people in the light of God’s perspective.  Emotionally they might want to reject the Gospel message, but in light of history how could they?

As I enter my fourth month with SIM Canada, I know how moved I am by the story of Rowland Bingham, Walter Gowan and Thomas Kent.  Unfortunately, both Walter and Thomas did not make it past the first year of ministry, but Rowland did and created what we were then known as – Sudan Interior Mission.  To tell his story well moves an audience no matter how cold or apathetic they are to missions.  It was God calling, a man listening, God sustaining and a vision born, fulfilled and a people, countries, regions and a continent that will never be the same.

I have my own story.  In the past, I used to tell about my life before Christ, then what happened when I met Him and ended with what my life is like now that I walk with Him.  However, when you hit 50 years of age something happens.  You remember that stories that make up “you.”  Now my story starts at the age of 8 months while I was in my mother’s womb.  You know you have told a great story when people come up afterwards talking about it and then remembering it months later.

Trust you are growing in your story telling.  Praying the Holy Spirit will use ours to change lives.





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