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Circumcision Party


circumcision partyThis is a description, sarcastically applied by both Paul and James, of a group of Christians still tied to Jewish law and custom.

So much so that they were destroying the Church and trying to turn everything back to Judaism as the way of the Gospel.

Until today, I can’t say that I have read this before or heard  a sermon on it.  But what insight to the incredible difficulty that lay ahead for new believers as they try to figure out the Gospel’s message as it relates to their culture and their historical practices and beliefs.

I remember a story I heard recently about a movement of “believers” in South Africa – Zionists.

There was a missionary movement from Chicago to South Africa and they created a town called Zion from which the Gospel was to be preached.  Many came to Christ through the efforts of this one church.  However, the founder of this movement died suddenly and the church in South Africa had no leader.  They created the Gospel surrounded by animism as they incorporated their tribal beliefs into the Christian faith.

Today, there are 15 million Zionist who do not know the Gospel and the life saving grace of Jesus.  Discipleship is now happening amongst this group that should have been done 60 years ago.

In a church today, there are a group of older church members who do not like the way the church is being run and the style of worship.  They sit in the back of the church with folded arms and have stopped tithing.  The church almost collapsed, but God is good and sustained them through a very difficult time.

Are you a member of a Circumcision Party?  If you are a follower of Jesus, you stop none who desire and give no observance to a pass required for such a decision.  None was asked from you – it was a gift of God, lest you had something to boast about.

May we refrain from thinking so highly of ourselves as to bring division into the body of Christ.  May our humility show in our prayer life instead as we seek God to reveal Himself and be glorified.



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