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The Temptation of Teaching


Apples_two_measureI have been watching a lot of black and white westerns these past few weeks.  Not sure why, maybe its just getting in touch with something I used to do with my family growing up.

The story is always the same..if you are the fastest gun then there will be a lot of other guys wanting to go against you just to prove they are faster.

Solomon was the wisest man during his time and there were a lot of people checking him out to see if he was all of that or not.

Then there is Jesus, walks into the temple first thing in the morning.  People all gather around Him as He teaches until some guys try to trick Him by questions or case studies or His relation to the law of Moses.

Therein lies the temptation of those of us who love following Jesus.  We usually enjoy teaching, and have an impact on people’s lives because of our joy and passion in serving Christ.  However, we rarely consider the slippery slope that comes with teaching.

What happens is that there are wise guys who are designed to ask the unanswerable questions, the ones that take you one way when you really want to go the other, and the ones that want to take away the joy and passion.

How do  they do this?

They pump you up as the teacher that knows and then set you up as the one that judges between right and wrong.  In our enthusiasm to serve, we fall at the first temptation to prove we know…when maybe we should be slowing down a bit and wondering why we have been put in the judgement seat in the first place.

Pride does funny things to people and if not caught, we become the experts on law and not on a relationship with Jesus.  Taken further, we lose the joy of the Holy Spirit and we lose relationships with those we were called to serve and teach and mentor and lead.

Teachers who are called are incredible people – full of good news and full of passion.  Take time to pray when questions are asked that put you in a position of knowing right from wrong, law vs grace and takes you out of your element of leading people to Jesus.

Should the Holy Spirit give you incredible insight into the hearts of those who are putting you into a position of judge, then move forward in confidence, because God has a lesson for them in your giftedness of teaching and watch how He is glorified in front of others as you serve Him in your answers.




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