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Interpreting the Scriptures


Accurately-Interpreting-the-Scriptures-150x150Four months have passed and I have enjoyed my new devotional walk with God.

I have pretty much stayed on the relational side of that walk with a few strands here and there.

Jesus makes it quite clear that our walk cannot only be relational with Him and not be relational with others.  We will meet other followers who you might call foolish for they have such a hard time believing, and others that are so slow in believing that it becomes frustrating.

However, that is not because of who they are, it is because we have not done enough study ourselves to clearly provide a path of direction to allow them to see Jesus.  Study enables us to see the truth and clearly share it with others and possibly take a multitude of paths to get to the same truth because each person needs to hear it in a way that is understandable to them.

For instance, could we take someone through the Old Testament and show where Jesus is revealed throughout the ages by the prophets?  Could we show where the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus is illustrated in the OT?  Could we see all the New Testament moves of the Holy Spirit in the OT and explain to those who think the Holy Spirit ceased working at the death of the last apostle?

That comes through study.  I just finished a study on the move of missions among young people.  From the late 1700 to the beginning of the 1900’s there was power in missions because of an incredible focus on prayer.  Somehow, after the 1900’s you never read of prayer and missions combined again.  One wonders why and how that happens and I am now responsible to address it in my own mission.

We need to know in order to tell.







  1. glane8029 says:

    Your one point, about our relationship with Jesus doesn’t end there, we have to take it to the world, Have relationships with the sick and hurting.

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