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How do we seek the lost?


how do we seek the lostThis is something that any one of us can hear from the pulpit on a Sunday morning, in the corporate world of every mission ministry, in too many books, and at too many conferences and seminars.

There are three-step programs and seven step and 12 step systems and incredibly fancy charts and graphs that seem all to make sense and start with a biblical mandate and end with one.

Good stuff.

Jesus said He was seeking the lost, and as He said it, there was a note that the lost – in this case represented by Zacchaeus – was looking for Him.  That is really what happened with Jesus wasn’t it?  He was in the desert – the people came there – He was in a house – they broke up the roof – He crossed the lake – they camped out because they knew He had to come back there again.  Looking for Jesus.

Then yesterday, in my own mission of SIM (Serving in Mission) we were shown a draft of our new case statement – a declaration of who we are.  I went crazy – because there in black in white, with a number of bulleted points, were descriptive elements of what we want people to see when they look at a SIM missionary.  I was so excited – for when people see Jesus in us, we have no fear of having to seek, we will be sought out.

My walk with Jesus just became a bit more of an adventure.  Will my walk with Him cause others to seek the Jesus that I follow – I pray that is so.


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