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Are those who died the worst offenders?


are those who died the worst offendersWe tend to think that if we escape from persecution, natural disasters, other acts of violence and other causes of destruction, we must have the hand of God watching over us.

I do from time to time and it usually lasts a few minutes.

Escaping from death is no accident, nor is it a sign of blamelessness just like having wealth does not make you a good person, nor does it mean that you will not be responsible for what you have been given.

I remember some plane accidents that I have watched in the past where some survivors thanked God that they made it through and it makes me mad to think that they thought that God protected them because they were somehow more worthy of protection than everyone else on the plane.

So how does one respond when those around them perish and they find themselves survivors?

The reasons are too numerous to imagine, so in complete humility, we express an incredible sense that our tasks here on earth are not done, there are things that still need to be done, that my time – is not really mine anymore – it belongs to God.  How can I use it more wisely, give more, bless more, reach out more, stand between those who are suffering injustice and their abusers – making a difference.

Only then can we look at those who have died before us and say that their tasks on earth were done – it was their time to go – there are no accidents in the plan God has for each of us.

My walk with God is now filled with a sense of time.  Every funeral I attend, my time is more precious than ever before.  Every birthday I have, I sense the incredible responsibility that God has given me to hand over the day to Him to make a difference.



  1. godschick says:

    Amen! I think about that all the time. We’ve had some early deaths in our family and I’ve had some friends who have lost children too early. Our time is precious and we want to fulfill our purpose here on the earth and make every moment count. God’s blessing doesn’t mean protection or deliverance from problems, but instead, His faithfulness and grace. Love your post. Blessings to you!

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