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Prayer changes you


Craig-sunrise3_nMaybe I should say, staying awake while we pray can change us in ways we least expect.

I heard of spiritual warfare guys telling me to keep my eyes open when I pray just in case a see a demon moving about.  Pretty scary stuff.

I would rather keep my eyes open so that I can see what Jesus is doing around me and as I see His love pouring into the lives of people I know that I have just seen Him moving around.

There have been prayer meetings that have grown long in the tooth, but I keep awake because we had been praying for revival.  I fully expected cloves of fire to land on each of our heads as we prayed and there was no way I was going to miss seeing that happen.

I have grown up a bit since then and no longer require to “see” things happen – I know that they do.  They may not be evident right away, but they will happen.

In my youth group, I have just realized that the youngest members of our group are becoming aware of who Jesus is – and I almost missed it.  One posted a Facebook notice that its time to level-up and follow Jesus by being committed to reading his Bible every day.  Another had been dressing better, nicer, sits right beside me in youth group, participates, reads her Bible when I ask for a volunteer.  Her mother and I just had a conversation and her daughter is seriously seeking a relationship that matters with Jesus.

It’s been nine months, but better late than never and again, prayer changes me when I see the hand of God so faithfully doing what He wants and needs to do.  He only relies on my faithfulness to commit these things to Him and trust Him to make it happen.  Lord, continue to change me as I commit to trust you to change others.




  1. Jon Gleason says:

    “I have grown up a bit since then and no longer require to ”see” things happen – I know that they do.”

    Really good statement.

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