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Sought to be seen?


sought to be seenWalking with Jesus can become a very popular exercise.  By that, I mean, your wisdom and faith grow to proportions that people start to seek you out for who you are.  As you add maturity to your emotional and intellectual person, you understand how to communicate those truths with depth of understanding.

It is here that you get invited to lead.

Maybe an invitation to preach, or teach a small group, or write an article – that does not end there.  Maybe its a conference or a seminar that you are asked to be part of.

Keith Price always was worried when asked to do such things and many times, more often than not, he refused.  He wrote in one of his last books that he felt that if he had become so popular, than his message had lost its edge.  He was no longer speaking truth into the lives of people.

So I look at myself and the ministries I am involved in.  When we hold a seminar, conference or special dinner – who do we try to invite to the event?  The speaker that will draw the most people – not the speaker that has a word from God for us.  We rationalize this by saying the purpose is promotion and fund-raising, not prophetic.  When we hold a prophetic conference we will invite such a speaker – of course has anyone heard of such a conference?

My goal is to seek the presence of the Holy Spirit at all my events.  I even look for direction when attending such events or even buying a book.  I have to stop myself and ask if the Holy Spirit desires me to attend – not because it is a great speaker, but I will learn such and such if I go.

May we stop ourselves quickly if at any time we are only accepting invitations in order to be seen and not because the God has given us a task to go.  May we stop ourselves when we think that if this person gets healed because of my prayer than I will be really important in the church.  May we stop ourselves when we feel that if we can get so many people to say the sinners prayer than we truly are evangelist.  May we stop ourselves from wanting to be seen – for if we walk with Jesus, this will come to pass.  Be ready to handle it with the same maturity that Jesus did.


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