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Scattered seed


scattered seedGrowing spiritually and finding favour with God and with people is one of the joys of engaging and walking with God.  We absorb teachings and learn from others who are walking the same journey and have spent time understanding the ways and thoughts of God as He has revealed Himself to them.

In many ways we are recipients of seeds sown in our lives that have been nourished, watered, fertilized and tendered to make us the followers of Christ we are today.

We in turn, want to do the same with others – disciple, mentor, coach or simply come alongside and walk the journey with another so they can understand the way.

Sowing seeds into the lives of others is not as some might consider, a meaningless decision.  It is one of purpose and precision – seed is expensive no matter what economy you are in.

If, by chance, some falls along the hardened path, or on stony ground, or amongst the thistle and brush along the side – it is by accident, not by design.

What am I trying to get at with all this rambling?

Sow purposefully into our own lives – do not just listen to anyone, anywhere.  Purchase books of value that will build into your lives and challenge you.  Read your Bible each day as if your life depended on it – do not leave the portion you are reading until God speaks into your life with it.

Then, pray and ask God who we should be building into.  Let’s not look for the easy way on this.  Jesus spent all night praying about the twelve He chose to input into and when you look at their bio’s there was not much there on the surface.

Let’s scatter seed, purposefully, into our lives and into the lives of others.




  1. exreligiouschristian says:

    I love this! I often read the Bible just to say I did it and then move on with the rest of my day, I am learning to try and be more personally connected with the bible so I can get something out of it and hope that God will speak to me through it.
    Great post!

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