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That you may know the truth


jesus-preaching-in-the-synagogue-610x351As a Protestant, I have come alongside many Catholic and Orthodox friends, as we worked in ministry together.

What amazes me is that in our journey together, in walking with Jesus, God reveals Himself to us in so many different ways.  They have been able to share truths with me that to this day has enabled my walk with Jesus to be one of pure joy.  I also, have been able to share truths with them that have impacted how they walk with Jesus.

The same has happened when I have walked with others from different denominations within the Protestant profession.  My best story comes from a person I hired to work in Christian ministry with me and he was from a rather closed denomination that thought they were the only ones who got it right.  With a little bit of apprehension, I went ahead with the hire even though I was strongly advised not to.  I still remember that after two years of ministry he told me that he might be kicked out of his denomination for saying this, but there were a whole lot of people out there, not in his denomination, that were in love with Jesus and that most of them had a walk with Jesus that was far richer and deeper than most people in his denomination.  The joy of seeing him grow in faith and practice and love was incredible for me to watch.

So whether I am working with Christians, Muslims, Jews or agnostics there is one common element that is missing that engages me with them – the sharing of truth – not apologetics, but opening the Bible and sharing the story so that the Biblical account sets the standard to what we may have perceived to be truth.  Something has to be the standard of truth – I have chosen the Bible to be that truth because it sets people free.

In other words, trying to do what Jesus did when He had the opportunity of teaching in the synagogue every Saturday and opened the Scriptures so that He could read them aloud and declare the truth to an audience who had been told what was inside but not given the words of life themselves.

So many of us think we know what is written in our Bible and yet we all have little things we have grown up with and believe in.  If challenged we realize that we have stopped growing in our walk with God because we think we have arrived.  Yet the call is always deeper, holier, closer to sacrificing ourselves and allowing Jesus to have more of us each day.  When that happens, the Word of God changes, challenges, engages us more and we understand more of what the call of Jesus is on our lives.  Those truths change us and allow us to assist others in their walk and to challenge them to move into a relationship with Him that is His invitation since the beginning of time.

Let’s not be satisfied with what we know, let’s dig deeper, let’s discover the truth about God’s call on our lives and see how far we can travel together in getting to know Him more.




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