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Is it hope or faith or both?


Holy-women-at-the-tomb-of-Christ-AnnibaleCarracciI was reading the story again of how Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome had bought spices and were going to the tomb to prepare Jesus’ body properly for burial.

It struck me that they took a sufficient amount of funds to enable them to make this important purchase, a significant amount of time and committed their energy and focus to a task rather early in the day, when they had no idea how they were actually going to do it with such a large stone in their way.

How many times do we give up when we think there is no way or if we do not know the answer to such questions?

I think that we struggle too much with knowing the will of God because we let things like large stones stop us from doing.  Doing and wondering is okay.  Wondering and being paralyzed is a killer for they could have easily stayed home waiting until they figured out the problem or until a few of the men showed up before beginning their journey.

I think our lives are like large boulders.  Once we get them going, we can change direction quite easily.  It’s the boulder standing still that is harder to move in another direction.

At the end of the day, their doing and wondering were met with a great surprise – the stone was already rolled away.

Hope Now by Addison Road (With Lyrics)




  1. dugnmis says:

    This is great food for thought. I like the Addison Road song and its message. We often forget that God is our source of strength and all too often underestimate it.

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