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What happens when you can love while being accused?


Duccio_di_Buoninsegna_-_Christ_Accused_by_the_Pharisees_-_WGA06801So you are walking with Jesus…which means there will be those who will try to upset the apple cart from time to time and find ways to get you into trouble or at least perceived trouble.

In our adult Sunday School class we are in a study of forgiveness and the issues of my rights and remembering my rights are quite clearly stated.  We are in week 5 of an 8 week series and I am not too sure there is hope for us being in a healthy place when it comes to forgiveness.

For those of us who have arrived, I think you will look like Jesus looked when He was accused – He loved.

He answered one question and knew it was unnecessary to answer any more.  His lack of interest in defending Himself, yet being respectful of the question, made those around Him wonder.

Making someone wonder is half the battle of leading them to Christ.  I have such an issue right now with someone.  He attacks, I say nothing – he asks a question and I answer it respectfully.  After meeting with him over a two-year period of time, he has invited me to his home to  meet his wife.  I believe we are very close to a decision.

So loving and respecting while being accused makes people wonder.  They wonder if you are the real thing and your accusers are just being jealous.  They wonder where you strength comes from when all around you it seems that you are not going to make it.  They wonder that your centre of peace is so cool when around you is chaos and disturbance.  They wonder if this Jesus you are proclaiming is actually real.

Make someone wonder today – love them!



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