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Knowing what is when no one else does


Knowing what is when no one else does

Remember when Jesus was walking to Jerusalem, getting ready to enter it for the Passover celebration.  He asked two of His disciples to go to a small village and they would find there a tied up colt.  He stated that the colt had never been used for riding and that, as they were taking it, if any one asked why, tell them the Lord has need of it.

Sure enough, it all happened just as Jesus said – He knew everything about the future.

My father and mother became involved in Edgar Casey for a time.  My dad, at one point, began telling people things about their future.  Unfortunately, it was always bad news and unfortunately something bad always happened to them.

I would call what Jesus did a “word of knowledge” and what my dad did as “psychic.”  A word of knowledge is something about the future that guides, directs and allows the Holy Spirit to inform how ministry is to take place.  A psychic is Satan attempt to mimic the word of knowledge.  Unfortunately, Satan is design to kill, steal and destroy and that will take place through the words of the individual or the individual psychic themselves.

The Holy Spirit revealed to my mom the deception and through her influence and seeing the chaos in their lives, they took all his books and threw them in the fireplace and never entered the psychic world again.  Later on when they became followers of Jesus, this period of their life had to be denounced in order to be completely set free.

When we walk with Jesus, we sometimes feel we know the way or are at least confident that we do.  However, when we run across something that needs more information,  more direction or more support – do not be afraid to ask Jesus to reveal the truth to you.  If that truth is in the future, He will share it with you if it brings Him glory and sets people free and brings individuals into a revelation of who He is.




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