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Has the Lord been rude to you?


has the Lord been rude to you

This is somewhat subjective as we all approach our relationship with God from different perspectives and expectations.

Those perspectives and expectations were set up in us during our formative years of learning what it meant to be a follower of Christ.

So when life throws us something that we feel we warrant “saving” from, we sometimes make the decision to blame God and take out our frustrations with Him.

We interpret His rudeness, or His passivity, or His silence, or His absence as no longer being able to serve us in our hour of need and we each find a way of turning our backs to Him.

So why can others go through the same experience yet persevere through them and by waiting and being diligent, see the hand of God miraculously intervene?

How would I handle it if I called upon the name of my God to come and heal, restore, deliver — save me — and His response was not in my favour?

What if He had asked me to dip in the dirty Jordan River seven times, or said that I wasn’t important enough, or that I was called but not a chosen member of His family?

Would my pride flare up and would I determine that this is not a God I want to follow?  Maybe I would try to do what He asked, or maybe I would agree that I was not important but continue to persevere and call upon His name that He might have mercy on me, or maybe I would say that even though I may not be especially chosen, His crumbs from the table might sustain me.

When Jesus doesn’t respond the way we anticipate He will, and we find ourselves interpreting His response as rude, step back, and think of how you can respond, in faith.  Trust in the relationship, trust in His character that commits to His promise, and see His hand deliver you quickly.  You will realize there is no rudeness, only a desire to see your love and faith combine together in action.



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