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Early morning



I am a morning person and do not quite understand night owls, even though I married one.

My most difficult struggle comes in the area of when to have your quiet time with God.  It would seem to me that I encounter many people who say that morning is the most difficult time of all to meet with Him.

Actually, may I make a judgemental statement — it would seem that every person I have ever met that does not have a committed time when they meet with God every day — is not a morning person – wierd, don’t you think?

They tell me that by the time they get up they are running just to keep up to time.

They tell me that at night they are finished with the stress of the day and can relax with God – but admit they usually fall asleep before they finish reading or praying.

They really have never heard of praying all the time, throughout the day.

So, when they come to me defeated in their walk with God, unable to connect with Him, not having an adventure at all, bored with their relationship that really does not exist — what am I too say?

I tell them to get up early in the morning.  I demand it.  I say that they will to set that alarm clock.  They will to set their feet swinging off the bed and on the floor knowing full well that Jesus was waiting to meet them in the quiet of the morning.  There is not noise in their head from the day, for the day has not started.  They read and get instructions for the day.  They give their day and their walk to God.  They anticipate Him coming with them.  Every conversation, every engagement, every thought is captivated by the instructions given that morning by the Spirit of God.

Miracles begin to happen.  Jesus words change peoples lives.  Your tweets become life-changing.  Your Facebook page says something that heals a person’s broken spirit. Your blog, although short, is relevant and meaningful.  You have become a servant of the Lord most High, a gift to those who need Him that day.  You have become a giver and not only a receiver.  Your cup, even though emptied at various times during the day continues to be filled with the presence of God.

Evening comes – you relax, recall the moments that you were aware that God showed up, thankful for the many times He did and you were unaware, and you fall asleep to dreams and visions of His power and presence in your life – and the adventure begins.  Enjoy, for it all starts again in the morning!




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“Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emman′u-el” (which means, God with us)." Matthew 1:23 RSV

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