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The power of anger and love


the power of anger and loveAnger can turn a person’s heart.  However, it’s not always seen as anger.  Anger can easily cloak itself as passion or righteousness.

People are taught to use their anger constructively – for a purpose or a cause.  I think of the movie, The Mission.  The man from the army who has come to repent of his sins and help the people of the community – remember what happened to him at the end?

Anger can also be a sign of loyalty and may actually empower or build courage in one to do harm to those who have harmed them.

Men have always been taught this trait and if there is no anger than they must be cowards and if there is not vengeance than they never have loved.

I think of the men with Jesus in the garden, the night he was arrested.  They were with Him, right beside Him and they had their two knives with them to protect Him and themselves.  One of them took their knife and cut of a man’s ear that had come with the crowd to arrest Jesus.  At Jesus rebuke to put the sword away, Jesus in compassion and mercy, a testimony to His love, took the ear that had been cut off and replaced it, healing the man.

When Jesus took the fight out of His disciples and instead showed them the power of His love to heal on a night He was betrayed and then to lay down His life by allowing others to take Him away, they ran away in fear.

Anger is only an emotion that can fight for a short time.  When it has dissipated, the emptiness is quite extraordinary.  Love truly seeks not its own, it willing allows for healing and forgiveness.  It looks like it’s the weaker position, but the incredible strength it takes to love and not to give in to anger, is a feat only those who have walked with God can attest to.

May you find your times walking with God filled more with action of love than anger.



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