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Want to know how to handle the future?


want to know the futureThe future is an amazing topic and has been, since I can remember, for the past 45 years.  Probably around the time when Hal Lindsay came out with his book, The Late Great Planet Earth.

My dad was big into it and I believe I have shared at other times how he scared more people into the kingdom of God by vividly being able to describe what the tribulation looked like and how it was just a small sample of what hell would be like forever.

The future is one of those things that trip us up pretty easily.  How can our walk with God prepare us for it?

First of all, what is today will probably not be here tomorrow.  How we worship, where we worship and when we worship are all changing and have changed over the past 3 and 4 decades.

There are more sub-cultures in our Christian community and more seemingly authenticated cults than ever before.  We are easily caught up in following people who claim they are followers of Christ but are not. There is more fear about the future because of wars and rumours of war.

We might easily become alarmed, but if we knew that these things are coming about we can rest assured that by maintaining our walk with God we will not be persuaded to allow fear to rule our hearts – for He does.  We must understand that this is the way the world needs to go and our issue is not the way it needs to go but that my walk with God is current and very tangible.

What is worse for some to hear is that sufferings are definitely on the rise.  Whether from natural disasters or war, these will affect all of us.  What will be far worse for those who follow Christ is that we will start to experience a resistance from the world to who we are.  Some of us will be put to death because of our faith, some of us will be hated because of our position that there is no other God but He alone.  The members of the family of God will splinter and many will make a decision to remove themselves and by  doing so will feel that it is important to turn the committed followers in as they take the world’s position against us.

Then there are those who will come and perform amazing miracles and provide signs that will confuse even the most ardent follower of Christ.

There will be such a narcissitic attitude in the world that it seems that unless we are diligent, this attitude will affect us whether we want it to or not and our love for God will grow cold towards Him.  Only those who endure to the end will be saved.

The gospel needs to be preached throughout the whole world, there needs to be a presentation of the gospel in every language, to every people, in every nation.

We know that these days coming will get so bad that they actually have to be shortened for no person could remain steadfast and survive it.

So, how do we handle this future?  We walk right beside God, never leaving His side, always listening to His voice, allows following Him, never wavering in our minds that He is our strength, our shield, our refuge, our Saviour.  We know that we are waiting for only one thing and we can be patience as we wait for His return.  When He comes again it will be like lightning that comes from the east and shines as far as the west – there will be no confusion.  So whatever comes, whatever happens, whatever will happen we do not worry for we walk with God.  He is always our constant, our rock.  There is nothing else to hope in or for – He alone is all we need.  Let the future be the future and all that it needs to be.  I will walk into that future with God.


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