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Have mercy on me


forgivenYou are walking down the street and Jesus is on the other side – how do you get Him to notice you?

You are in harm’s way, facing a dragon that you seem unable to overcome – how do you get Jesus’ attention to step in and fight the remaining battle?

You are consumed by how much sin is in your life, how far removed you are from the character of God – how do you get Jesus attention that you want to stop falling and start on a new journey with Him?

You are blind, cannot see the truth from the lie, its like there is darkness everywhere you look, never mind which path to take we just can’t even see it – how do you extend your hand into His so that we can walk with Jesus through this journey?

You are not well, do not possess the strength to move forward, you were not prepared for the journey and failed to wear the armour of God – can calling on Jesus matter?

You are discouraged, others seem to get it and you seem so far behind, you feel alone and somehow even a bit desperate to be something – where do I stand with Jesus?

You are successful and whatever you touch seems to turn to gold, yet lately you know that things are not right between you and God.  You are attracted to things you should not be attracted too and are even getting emotionally involved – how can I stop this nonsense and get reconnected with Jesus?

You have never followed Jesus.  You know a lot about Him, have attended church and have Christian friends but have never made a decision to ask Him to be your ransom, to accept the shedding of His blood as the purchase of your soul to be redeemed from the grasp of Satan and his claims – how does a prayer begin to get you to a place where you have made a decision to move into the family of God and turn to following Jesus?

You can hardly breathe, the world is surrounding you and the voices in your head are affecting your heart.  It seems that you have lost any sense of control and the world is spinning and not giving you a chance to get off its merry-go-round — is there any hope and what can I whisper that even Jesus would hear my cry for help?

Have mercy on me – these are the four words that have stopped Jesus in His tracks no matter where He went and wherever He goes.  A humble and contrite heart has always had His attention.  It’s as if the greatest miracle in the world is just about to take place and a soul is going to engage in an adventure that they will never forget.  It’s a path less travelled, its one that no one can take without walking with Jesus, and just the opportunity of being invited to such a walk with you gets Jesus all excited and involved and engaged.

He comes with His passion, His power, His wisdom and His love.  He heals, delivers, protects, defeats evil, sets captives free, breaks bondage and whatever else is necessary to step in and fill the gap between whatever is stopping us from following Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.

Lord, have mercy on me…and Jesus takes over.  Thank you Lord.


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“Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emman′u-el” (which means, God with us)." Matthew 1:23 RSV

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