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Blessing children


ChristBlessingChildrenAt first glance this seems to be quite a natural thing to do.

What makes you think why the disciples sent the children away in the first place?  I am sure what they saw they didn’t like.  The children were loud, disrespectful, disobedient, challenging and had no concept of how important Jesus was.  I am sure if they were playing in the street for a bit we can add smelly and dirty to the list too.

However, Jesus needed to share the absolute importance and the priority required to stop and bless children.

The power of blessing – pronouncing words of favour, God‘s favour upon them, letting them know that God has a plan for their lives, something that only they can fulfill – is the greatest gift we can give to children.  They grow up believing and looking forward to the day that blessing is fulfilled.

Children do something for us to.  The remind us of the basic realities of faith.  They ask a lot of questions, they seek answers that make sense, they trust you and engage in following just because they see in you that you care.  Children reveal your own spiritual journey.  They can tell rather quickly when your faith is personal or just a front.

I look after a youth group of around 20 young people raging in age from 12 – 17.  Every week I see something I do not like, and something I like.  I see attentiveness and inattentiveness.  I see respect and disrespect.  But what I see does not matter nor is it what I look for.  I see children that need to be blessed and I am the one that shows up every week to do just that.  I am not called upon to teach them manners, or to ensure that they pay me homage, or that they are perfect in any way, shape or form.  I come every week to bless them, to tell them that Jesus loves them, has a plan and purpose for their life.  That their dreams are great, but asking Jesus to walk with them as they pursue their dreams is better.

It is my prayer that we all see our call to do one very important thing when we meet children – bless them in the name of Jesus – with purity of heart, with the eyes of God.  See them for what God has called them to be and do and bless them so that they know that you know God has called them too.




  1. 66books365 says:

    I teach a small class of kindergarteners twice a week. Thanks for this perspective and encouragement.

  2. andydbrown says:

    Great words of truth here! Thanks for sharing!

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