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Lonely place



This photo reminds me of a place where I used to work, the Tyndale Foundation.  We occupied offices in a recently purchased new campus facility for Tyndale University & Seminary.  My favorite place to be alone was here, in the backyard.  The total property was 56 acres and in the back was this incredible valley.  A river ran through it and you could see carp jumping the dam, just under the bridge every fall.  Deer would come out and graze too and what an opportunity to see a family of foxes being raised right in front of your eyes.

It was a sanctified place as the property was run by the Sisters of St. Joseph and they too found this backyard to be a place of solitude that invited one to connect with our Heavenly Father.

Being alone can turn either into depression or empowerment.  I have seen it happen to others and to myself too.  When we are depressed and seek alone time, we rarely find comfort, just more depression.  When we are overworked, need to find some quite time and re-energize, alone time can really focus us on hearing the voice of God.  It is here, in the alone time, that dreams are born and visions are seen.

It is also a place for developing self-awareness and for soul-searching.  It is a place to quietly cry as God searches our hearts and sees what needs to be given to Him.  It’s a place to come clean and let Him know that you now know too and are willing to let it go.

When one leaves this special place, miracles take place, because we believe in miracles once again.  My staff was always astounded that in the midst of trials and tribulation, I never closed my door to them, I always greeted them warmly and sincerely and made sure that at some point of my day, they had a little bit of my time.  A smile was all I needed from them to know that I did my job and did it well.

Trust that you have a great lonely place to go to – and if not, happy hunting for that very special place you can have with God.


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  1. andydbrown says:

    ” It is here, in the alone time, that dreams are born and visions are seen.” AMEN!

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“Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emman′u-el” (which means, God with us)." Matthew 1:23 RSV

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