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Trained for the kingdom of heaven
















When we walk with God, we are actually getting trained for the kingdom of heaven.  With that training comes the understanding of kingdom truths and understanding how God works in your life and in others.  From your perspective, you have the opportunity of making a great impact.  As the world watches you, it will be changed.

Not very often are there three parables in a row given by Jesus to describe the kingdom of heaven.

1. That of the treasure hid in the field. Many slight the gospel, because they look only upon the surface of the field. But all who search the Scriptures, so as in them to find Christ and eternal life, Joh 5:39, will discover such treasure in this field as makes it unspeakably valuable; they make it their own upon any terms. Though nothing can be given as a price for this salvation, yet much must be given up for the sake of it. 2. All the children of men are busy; one would be rich, another would be honourable, another would be learned; but most are deceived, and take up with counterfeits for pearls. Jesus Christ is a Pearl of great price; in having him, we have enough to make us happy here and for ever. A man may buy gold too dear, but not this Pearl of great price. When the convinced sinner sees Christ as the gracious Saviour, all things else become worthless to his thoughts. 3. The world is a vast sea, and men, in their natural state, are like the fishes. Preaching the gospel is casting a net into this sea, to catch something out of it, for His glory who has the sovereignty of this sea. Hypocrites and true Christians shall be parted: miserable is the condition of those that shall then be cast away.   – Matthew Henry

Walking with God everyday is exciting and can be quite the adventure if we want it to be – but we need to remember that it gives us the opportunity of letting the world into ours revealing how passionate we are in our love and our service, giving our all to our Lord, our God and our Heavenly Father.



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