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When you start quoting the law…




So you are on your journey and God is walking with you when all of a sudden you are confronted by someone quoting some Biblical law because they see that you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.

I have some personal experiences to share with you.

For instance, because I was dunked in baptism and not sprinkled – I am going to hell.  Since I do not celebrate the Sabbath on a Saturday and instead to choose to celebrate it on a Sunday – I am going to hell.  Since I decided to abstain from drinking alcohol – I am going to hell(?). Since I do not pray 8 hours a day – I am going to hell (I purposely did not tell them that I pray without ceasing).  Since my family members do not speak in tongues – they are going to hell.  Since my family members have never led anyone to Christ – they are going to hell.  Since I no longer read from the KJV – I am going to hell.  Since I call some of my Catholic and Orthodox friends followers of Jesus – I am going to hell.

Oh, trust me, the list goes on and on – so if it is happening to me, I bet it is happening to you too.  And all we are doing is walking our journey with God, safe and secure, until someone jumps in front of us on the pathway to life and tries to do something – and we are really not to sure what.  But it is enough to start wondering isn’t it – maybe we are not really saved?

Well, it not only happens to me and to you, it happened to Jesus too.

Jesus loved the law – the law revealed God’s incredible grace and in the end, His incredible love.  Jesus tried in vain to show that the law was there to point to Him, not to control and freak out people walking on the path of life.  The Holy Spirit‘s job is to jump out while we are walking on the path to life, come along side us and gently point out some things that need to be addressed.  Then He strengthens us to do what we need to do in order to grow, change, reject and possibly to just stand.

The Old Testament was filled with lawbreakers who made an incredible impact.  Remember the midwives in charge of killing the Hebrew babies as they were born?  They lied to Pharoah and God blessed them for it.  Remember King David as he was running away from Saul?  He ate the bread in the temple that the law required only priests to eat.  No one is to work on the Sabbath, right?  Well the priest do it all the time and break the law – and that’s okay by God.

See the point – law and love can get quite confusing at times.  Are we bringing glory to God?  That is awesome.  Are we being tweaked, that is incredible joyful experience sensing the Holy Spirit within us doing amazing things.  But when those around us start telling us what to do, how to do it – pushing, pulling, shoving, coercing, manipulating, demanding – sure does not feel like God is getting any glory.

You might feel that you are mentoring or coaching or discipling – but if you see the other cringe, cry, run away, hide – you probably are taking over the Holy Spirit’s job and need to settle down a bit.  If God is walking with us, then no worries, people will see that and will want to walk with you.  Then you can share how God helped you to overcome.  When you do that, the power of your testimony will empower those around you and they will have strength to overcome the evil one.  That’s all you need to do – tell your story of what life is like as God walks with you and the Holy Spirit will do the rest.



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