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Take heart, your sins are forgiven


take heart your sins are forgiven

The inspiration of inspiration – when you think there is no hope for a new beginning – when the past overwhelms you to the point that its time to end the act – Jesus comes along and offers hope.

It sounds only like a glimmer being offered, in fact, probably just another cliché being offered because no one can really help you.

Then the strangest words in the world come out of His mouth…your sins are forgiven.

You are not too sure how to handle the emotion that begins to encapture you…tidal wave upon tidal wave of love flows over you…you are immersed in a warmth that fills you, wraps you, covers you until you realize that you are no more you.

When the emotions cease, when you come into your own strength you realize you have been set free from something far worse than any physical ailment could account for.  Only you and Jesus know what has just been happening in the past few seconds of hope being administered and healing of sins found so deep that only Jesus could have travelled there and set you free.

You hear the people arguing over this hope that has just been administered.

How can anyone give this kind of hope to anyone else, other than that they were God Himself?

Then the outward manifestation of the love that has just immersed you in the presence of God takes place – you feel your body strengthen, where you could not walk – you can now run.  Where you had to beg at the city gate, you are now gainfully employable, where you had to count on your wife and children to support you, they can rely on you to provide the stability and protection they need to survive and grow healthy and strong.

No healing takes place, inside or outside without this hope.  Hope administered in love always produces miracles.  God walks with us so that we can not only see these miracles, but can participate in seeing them happen.  May we have eyes to see and wisdom to understand.

The Hurt & The Healer – Mercy Me Worship Video with lyrics




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