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Do not be anxious



I guess if we really knew that God was with us, we would have to be told not to be anxious – right?

Yet, I can recall times, even when I was with my father, that I would still get anxious.  When I look back at those moments I can tell that the anxiousness came from my lack of trust in his ability to get us out of the situation we were in.

Whether our anxiousness comes because of the lack of things, or the harm in our way, or how or what we are going to survive on, or maybe even the basic necessities of life that seem to be missing – if God is with us, He is asking the simple question from His perspective – why are we anxious?

From His perspective it all makes sense, yet we seem to feel we are living in the real world and it makes more sense to be anxious than it does to trust Him to provide all of our needs.

Yet, He does and absolutely delights in it meeting them all.  He proves it every day by looking after the birds in the air and the flowers in the field.  He proves it by watching how our anxious does nothing to remedy the situation, other than possibly making it worse.

Yes, I had friends that were anxious about the success of their business.  They started buying stolen fish for their Fish & Chip restaurant, just so they could have a better profit margin and pay their rent.  They forgot that God was there to meet their need.  Another friend who owns his own business, just told me that he claims all of his personal activity as business just so he can obtain a better tax credit.  He forgets that God is there to meet his need.

Maybe we actually want more than we need and that makes us anxious too.

Well, maybe we need to hear these words even though we know it – do not be anxious – God is with us…

Scripture Memory Songs – Do Not Be Anxious (Philippians 4:6-7) 




  1. mimmtt says:

    Thanks for this, I have a few things going on and I am very anxious. I surely needed it.

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“Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emman′u-el” (which means, God with us)." Matthew 1:23 RSV

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